2020 Price  $3500-Gold
2020 Price  $7000-Kings
2020 Price  $600-  Blue
2020 Price  $2400-White Flank

Kudu (Southern)

Kudu is one of the most iconic of all the African plains game and the most sought-after.  This is a must for a once in a lifetime trip.




2020 Price  $2800
2020 Price  $2400-White


No spiral slam is complete without the majestic Nyala.


2020 Price  $2800
2020 Price  $2400-White

Burchells Zebra

Zebra have captures the heart of hunters for hundreds of years.  


2020 Price  $1250
2020 Price  $2400-White


Warthogs are a plentiful group in South Africa.  They are found in all parts and they grow especially big in our area.


2020 Price  $400.00
2020 Price  $2400-White


Impala is some of the most abundant and beautiful antelope in Africa. There are two recognized subspecies- Common shown here and black-faced impala shown below.


2020 Price  $450
2020 Price  $2400-White

Impala Black/White

The rare and beautiful black-faced and white flanked impala make amazing trophies!


2020 Price  $2200-Black
2020 Price  $2400-White


The wildebeest, also called the gnu, is an antelope in the genus Connochaetes. There are two distinct types- Blue and Black.  Inside these two types are color-phase variations Kings and Golds

2020 Price  $1300- Black
2020 Price  $2400-White


Waterbuck is a majestic beast with horns that reach up to 50".


2020 Price  $2200
2020 Price  $2400-White


Giraffe hunting is very popular in South Africa.  Giraffe in South Africa can grow to over 20 feet. 

2020 Price $3250
2020 Price  $2400-White
Nov 2014 391.JPG


Gemsbok is also called the South African Oryx. The males can reach weights of over 600 pounds with long ringed horns.


2020 Price  $1300
2020 Price  $2400-White


Kudu is one of the most iconic of all the African plains game and the most sought-after.  This is a must for a once in a lifetime trip.




2020 Price  $1400
2020 Price  $2400-White
Image by sutirta budiman

Caped Eland

Cape Eland are some of the largest antelope in Africa.  The adult male can grow to over 1 TON!



2020 Price  $3000
2020 Price  $2400-White


Baboons fun to watch, fun to hunt.


2020 Price  $200
2020 Price  $2400-White


Duiker are one of the smallest of the antelope.  Duiker exist in three subspecies: Blue, Red, and Common.




2020 Price  $530 Common
2020 Price  $1,500 Red/Blue
2020 Price  $2400-White
Honey Badger.jfif

Honey Badger

Honey badgers are prevalent in Africa, Southwest Asia, and India. The Honey badger is known as the world's most fearless animal according to the Guinness Book of World Records.


2020 Price  $850
2020 Price  $2400-White

Red Hartebeest

The Red Hartebeest is one of the larger and more beautiful antelope.  With more than 130,000 in the wild, they are also one of the most prolific.  Red Hartebeest has amazing swept-back horns at maturity.


2020 Price  $ 1250
2020 Price  $2400-White


The blesbok or blesbuck is an antelope endemic to South Africa and Swaziland. It has a distinctive white face and forehead which inspired the name because bles is the Afrikaans word for a blaze such as one might see on the forehead of a horse.

2020 Price  $500 (Common)
2020 Price  $850 (White)
2020 Price  $2400-White

Bush Pig

The Bushpig is a wild pig native to the forests and savannas of Africa and Madagascar.

2020 Price  $700
2020 Price  $2400-White

Cape Buffalo

Big, bad, and dangerous.  No hunt in Africa is quite as exciting as going into the bush for a big dugaboy. 


2020 Price  $10,000
2020 Price  $2400-White


Known as the most deadly animal in Africa.  More people are killed by hippos than any other animal in Africa.

2020 Price  $10,000
2020 Price  $2400-White


Majestic and beautiful, the sable is one of the most sought after animals in Africa by trophy hunters.

2020 Price  $5000 (42"-46")
2020 Price  $4,200 (40"-41")
2020 Price  $3,500 (36"-39")
2020 Price  $P.O.R. (over 46")
2020 Price  $2400-White

Black-backed Jackal

The Black-backed Jackal is found at the southernmost tip of the continent, including South AfricaNamibiaBotswana, and Zimbabwe.

2020 Price  $200
2020 Price  $2400-White


The Klipspringer is one of the smallest of the antelope that are found in South Africa.  What they lack in size, they make-up in for in challenging shots.

2020 Price  $1500
2020 Price  $2400-White


A civet is a small, lithe-bodied, mostly nocturnal mammal native to tropical Asia and Africa, especially the tropical forests.  These are a beautiful addition to a trophy room.  

2020 Price  $850
2020 Price  $2400-White


The Caracal is a medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, the Middle EastCentral Asia, and India. It is characterised by a robust build, long legs, a short face, long tufted ears, and long canine teeth.

2020 Price  $900
2020 Price  $2400-White


The Genet is a small African carnivore.  These animals are beautiful, fast, and elusive.

2020 Price  $550
2020 Price  $2400-White
2020 Price  $7,500 (Cow)