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Rifle/Shotgun/Handgun Recommendations


All ranches that have Exemption may hunt year-round. In our area of operation, most of our shots will be limited to 200 yards due to the toughness
of the African game and with the possibility of having to shoot through brush we
strongly suggest the use of a .30 caliber or larger rifle best calibre's for African use
Those that have issues with recoil such as the ladies and youth we suggest nothing smaller
than 6mm/.243 with the 6.5 Creed-more being a preferred option.

Dangerous game requires a minimum caliber of .375 H&H, however we prefer that guests
bring .40 calibers for hunting dangerous game.
Calibers that we can easily get Ammunition for in South Africa (In the event they get
misplaced by Airlines)
.243, 6.5 Creedmore, .270, .300 win mag, 300 short mag, .308, .30-06, .375 H&H, .458 Win

We do have an option for Guests to hire rifles and ammunition.



We utilize shotguns for all bird hunting activities.  

All Birds require a special permit.

12ga Shotguns are recommended here in South Africa with preference to over and under
and Side By side Shotguns.


12ga Shotshells are readily available most being supplied are black powder and lead-based
3" shells.
No 7 28 Shells for Pigeons/Doves
No 3-4 Shells for Waterfowl and Game Birds


We have Shot Guns for Hire should the guests wish to partake in bird hunting

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