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As we have laundry services it is not necessary to pack too much clothing as we will be able to clean your clothes regularly. Three changes of clothes are perfectly adequate for any length of stay. Please keep clothing Color to the darker shades of neutral – no Whites or reflective clothing. Also, try and keep to more natural materials such as cotton that are not “Noisy”.


Herewith Our Typical recommendations:

  • Four shirts—two long-sleeved and two short-sleeved (olive green or dark khaki)

  • Two long trousers (Best are Trousers that convert to shorts)

  • Two walking shorts

  • Light-weight hunting jacket

  • Light to medium jacket

  • Light raincoat

  • Four sets of underwear

  • Sweater or Sweatshirt

  • Woolen hat/beanie or Scarf or other such wide-brimmed hat

  • Six pairs of medium socks

  • Two pairs of walking shoes

  • One pair comfortable camp shoes

  • One pair of gloves

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