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Expected Weather

  • November - April - This traditionally our rainy season in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, Although Hot it is normally associated with higher than normal levels of Humidity (Around 60% but can be as high as 90% on given days. Temps Range from 15"C (60F) to 40'c(110'F). Normally mornings are sunny with a buildup to a late afternoon tropical thunderstorm.

  • May and September - these are our best 2 months of the year with warm evenings - 8'C and daytime temps in the upper 20's(80-90's) Days are clear and typically dry

  • June-August - our coldest driest months lows of 0'C(35'F) and (early 20's)70'F during the day. IT can be bracing in the mornings but by 9am shorts and shortsleeved shirts are the order of the day. Again late afternoons and evenings can be very chilly. Air is dry, no precipitation and August can be somewhat windy.

  • October - this is a special month - it is our closest time to the Summer Rains - the heat is relentless sometimes pushing as high as 45"C(130F) in the day with moderate temps at night (10"C)45"F - hunting is exceptional in this month but times are really limited to very early mornings and late evenings.

  • Bugs/Mosquito's are with us for all the Month's that have R's in them September - End of April

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